Do you do custom designs?

Absolutely! Email me @jessjacobs223@gmail.com

Can I send you the shoes to paint?

Usually, I will purchase the shoes for you. If you already have a pair you’d like me to use you can ship them to me. However, they must be new or in new condition

Will the paint wash/chip off?

No, the paint is waterproof and permanent. Every pair is coated with a protective sealant.

How long until I receive my shoes?

I will order the shoes as soon as you place your order. The shoes are then shipped to me and painted by hand. This typically takes around 4 weeks.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. Please make sure to indicate correct size when placing your order.

Can you paint on shoes not shown on the website?

It’s possible! Please send an email to jessjacobs223@gmail.com to inquire.